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Quick Fix for ColdFusion Builder 2 Problem after Install

I recently upgraded my ColdFusion Builder install to ColdFusion Builder 2 and was unable to get it to start. Every time I tried to start it, it would momentarily open and then immediately close down. There was no error message or anything else to help figure out what the problem was. I searched the web for a solution but was unable to find an answer, or even someone else with the same problem.

Now, before someone points out the obvious, I did read Adobe’s documentation on Installing ColdFusion Builder 2 and found it quite useful. It would have been much more useful if I had read it before I installed the upgrade. Within it, I found this gem:

If you are using ColdFusion Builder with a workspace from a Beta release, clean and reinitialize the workspace before installing the release version of ColdFusion Builder. In general, when you use existing workspaces with a new installation of ColdFusion Builder, Adobe recommends that you clean and reinitialize your workspace before the installation.

I didn’t really have the Beta version installed but it was a useful clue as to why my install wasn’t working. Unfortunately, I had already done the install so any cleanup and re-initialization now was a moot point. However, I was all for avoiding an uninstall and re-install on my machine so I went hunting for a quick fix to the workspace problem. After some digging, I found my solution.

Here’s what I did. When the program installs, it adds a configuration folder to the following location (this is the default for Windows XP; you may need to search around for your specific OS and version):
D:\Documents and Settings\username\Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2.0 Configuration\configuration

Under the .settings folder is a file called org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs. Here’s what it looks like:

#Fri Aug 26 21:24:26 CDT 2011
RECENT_WORKSPACES=D\:\\Documents and Settings\\username\\Adobe ColdFusion Builder workspace

Notice that the recent workspace listed matches the default workspace for ColdFusion Builder 1. This is what is causing the problem. I just changed the RECENT_WORKSPACE line to:

RECENT_WORKSPACES=D\:\\Documents and Settings\\username\\Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2 workspace

(Of course you can put in whatever you want as long as it is not your current ColdFusion Builder 1 workspace.)

I then saved the file and restarted ColdFusion Builder 2. Problem solved…

A note of warning, if you are going to do this, save a backup of this file before you change it. Also, this won’t work if you want to use the same workspace on both versions since you are changing the workspace here. If you try to change the workspace back to the previous workspace, the IDE will fail to start again. However, I was able to import a previous project to the new workspace just fine.

Of course, if you have yet to install the new version of ColdFusion Builder 2, do yourself a favor and read the installation instructions from Adobe before you install and don’t forget to clean and re-initialize your workspace. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.